The Library and Publications

The Library

The Library

This contains a selection of books about the Society, and about other subjects that might be of interest to members. Books can be borrowed by signing them out in the book to the left of the fireplace, and signing them back in on return. The library also contains other types of information, some of which is listed below - feel free to explore.

The Meeting's noticeboard has information about current exhibitions, talks and events. Also has printed versions of the latest notices read out by the clerk after meeting for worship.
The round table will hold any leaflets or literature associated with current notices. These can often be taken away when multiple copies exist. May also contain a selection of books from the library on a particular theme.

Other resources include:

Back copies of The Friend, Colebook Courier, News and Views..

Past minutes of Preparative (business) meetings..

Folders containing photos of some members and attenders, with a summary of their interests and skills..

Leaflet on Applying for Membership, Notes for Attenders - produced by the Area Meeting.

General leaflets about aspects of being a Quaker produced by Britain Yearly Meeting, including attending your first meeting and being new to the Society.

Children's Meeting rota - slots for two volunteers for each meeting. (Volunteers need CRB check.).

Tea rota - slots for up to 4 volunteers to help with tea and coffee for first meeting of the month in the Parish Room.

The Library second view

Another view of the Library

Winchester Local Meeting Publications

Promptings - a monthly news-sheet for Winchester Local Meeting. Available first Sunday of each month. Contains key dates in that month. Small articles and information about meetings welcome

Colebrook Courier - a quarterly newsletter for Winchester Local Meeting. Articles welcome

Other Publications

News and Views - quarterly newsletter for the Area Meeting. Articles welcome

Quaker News - quarterly update on Quaker work in the care of Britain Yearly Meeting.

Quaker Voices - bi-monthly magazine produced centrally by Quaker Life department of Britain Yearly Meeting for the spiritual nurture of individuals and Meetings

The Friend - weekly magazine of independent Quaker journalism since 1843.

The Friends Quarterly - quarterly magazine from the same source as The Friend with more in-depth articles.