What Quakers Believe

The Quaker way of life is rooted in Christianity but differs in that we have always valued the individual's relationship to the Divine over any forms, structures or even the Bible. Some Quakers have a deep love of traditional expressions of Christianity; others find this less important, finding other traditions more meaningful.

As we are each different, with different experience, so our faith will vary and this we find enriching.
At the centre of our lives is the Quaker Meeting for Worship. Here in stillness and quiet we each engage with the transforming power of love and truth. This experience could lead anyone present to share the insights gained within the Meeting. From these leadings, Quakers often find they have much in common and find themselves called powerfully to act.

Quakers aim to live in the spirit which inspires us in our meetings and believe that if we are fully open to it we can effect change - both personal and social.

We celebrate any expression of that spirit wherever it is found - in religious books, secular writings or in people's lives, past and present.

Quakers come from all walks of life. The name 'Quakers' started as a nickname - our real name is 'The Religious Society of Friends' - but we are happy to be called either 'Friends' or 'Quakers'.