Area Meeting - business meeting, held about once a month of a Saturday, hosted by Local Meetings in turn and concerned with the business of the geographical area. It grants Membership and appoints Elders and Overseers. For more information, click here

Attender - someone who, while not being a Member, participates in the spiritual and business sides of the meeting. 

Britain Yearly Meeting - the overall authority for Quakers in Britain, open to all members, which meets once a year and provides accommodation for staff, meetings and other services at Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ. For more information, click here

Clerk - the person who holds the central administrative role in a particular Meeting, acting as a combination of chairperson and secretary for business meetings, dealing with most of the correspondence and being the point of contact with the rest of the world. Clerks are appointed for a limited time.

Elder - an Area Meeting appointment. Eldership involves responsibility for fostering the meeting's spiritual life, and an elder signals the end of meeting by shaking hands with another Friend.

Enquirer - someone new to Quakers and seeking information.

Friend - with a capital ‘F’. The name Quakers frequently use for themselves and each other.

Local Meeting - a group of people who meet regularly (usually once a week, on a Sunday) in a specific place to hold a Meeting for Worship.

Meeting for Sufferings - the representative body that continues the work of Britain Yearly Meeting for the rest of the year. Originally, it provided practical help for Quakers who suffered for their faith, particularly as a result of imprisonment or crippling fines.

Meeting for Worship - the Quaker equivalent of a church service. It is held mainly in silence, with contributions of spoken Ministry.

Member - someone who has asked for, and been granted membership of The Religious Society of Friends.

Ministry - (as part of a Meeting for Worship). A divinely-inspired spoken contribution.

Overseer - an Area Meeting appointment. Oversight ensures the pastoral care of individuals and the community, so they need to be informed of any situations requiring care.

Preparative Meeting - the business meeting which prepares items for Area Meeting and also deals with local items of business, taking place once a month.

Quaker - the most common name for a member of The Religious Society of Friends.

Testimonies -1) accumulated Quaker wisdom expressed briefly as principles to strive for in the world as it is now -currently Simplicity, Truth, Equality, Peace. 2) Brief accounts of the Grace of God as shown in the life of deceased Friends.

The Religious Society of Friends - the official title for the Quaker movement. It comes from an earlier title 'Friends of the Truth'.